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Eco Friendly verus Eco Disaster - It's Time to Choose!!!

By Development on in ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS

Eco Friendly verus Eco Disaster - It's Time to Choose!!!


buy eco-friendly biodegradable branded promotional products from us and help keep New Zealand a clean green gorgeous place to live.


Together, lets help to reduce Single Use Pollution Today….. everybody is concerned with environmental problems and nature pollution. Yet, we still move the way of industrialization and consumer-oriented lifestyle.


We supply branded promotional products that promote a clean green New Zealand, products like our Environmentally friendly retractable ball pen with a recycled cardboard barrel and corn starch plastic trim or our Karma reusable food pouch, the Karma reusable snack pouch and our Karma reusable food wrap


The Karma products eliminate the need for single use plastic food use and ensures lunch boxes are waste free. Karma has a hygienic food grade EVA liner which is water proof and can easily be wiped clean or washed in a washing machine


Able Print & Promo is New Zealand's largest supplier of sustainable, organic and eco-friendly branded promotional products and corporate gifts


Did you know that National Geographic has estimated that eight million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year. We all need to help reduce or eliminate single use plastic products as they are one of the biggest contributors to the massive amount of plastic pollution on our planet.


We need to tame our appetite and to think of substantial living. The time has come that we should think of helping New Zealanders get eco friendly by buying and promoting sustainable branded promotional products.


Here at Able Print & Promo we think It is important to become environmentally friendly and run eco-friendly businesses.


Slowly but surely our supermarkets are moving away from plastic bags and promoting products like the city shopper tote bag and the Mega shopper tote bag to carry our groceries home. Put your brand on eco friendly bags like this and give them to every shopper at your local supermarket for free.  Do it again and again and again over the next 7 weeks but on a different day each week. Captivate the entire supermarkets audience, make it yours. Make sure your branding clearly shows what you do and has your contact details and then watch this space…….


You know the old saying that “when you want to change the world you have to start with yourself” Everybody can make a difference. ignorance is no longer a defense. JUST DO IT!!


We have a world ticking bomb of marine crisis, pollution, shrinking forests and endangered wildlife. What will be our world like in fifty years? Help promote sustainable living by promoting your company with our eco-friendly biodegradable green promotional products.


By using Eco-friendly products for your companies promotional products or corporate gifts you are helping to establish a behaviour which will substantially improve natural environment around you and on the Earth in the whole. The future is ours to make. We should not miss a chance to make a difference. Begin with yourself and help to save the world.


Buy eco friendly promotional products and corporate gifts from Able Print & Promo and do your bit to keep our beautiful New Zealand clean and green.



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