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What to consider when deciding which promotional product is right for your company and your client.


What to consider when deciding which promotional product is right for your company and your client.

What works and why – fashions come and go and the fashion that is prevalent now and is looking to be here to stay are our fashionable  eco friendly branded products.

Finding something eco friendly and useful is the ultimate promotional product. Make Longevity Your Top Priority when choosing what you give away. The more they use your product the more brand awareness you will get.

Eco Friendly re-usable branded products are the most popular options for most kiwi business’s this year. Being seen to be eco friendly or clean and green has been a top choice of branded promotional products for 2019.

Some of the most popular products that we have sold this year along this line are the reusable bags and the reusable coffee cups. Following closely behind these two promotional products are our wooden and bamboo pens and pencils.

The designs of these latest wooden pens is outstanding, very corporate, very smart looking.

There is a large consensus that we as a nation are going to get more and more fussy about what we give out to our clients, what we portray to our clients when we do give them as branded promotional products and what message we are saying when we do give away branded products.

Here are some ideas based on your industry and the message you are wanting to get across.

AGRICULTURE – stubby and can coolers – notebook with pen – beanies – caps – drink bottles

AUTOMOTIVE – key rings – car phone holders – car air freshners – polishing cloth – car pen holder – car phone charger – travel mug – drink bottle

CHILDREN – colouring pencils – yoyo – frisbee – backpack – drink bottles – soft toys - balls

SCHOOL FUNDRAISING – teatowels, bags, toys, confectionery, balls, shoe laces

HEALTH & BEAUTY – mirrors, lip balms, nail kits, hand sanitisers, toiletry/makeup bags

HOSPITALITY  – aprons, drink coasters, reusable straws, drinkware, bar runners

TRUCKING & TRANSPORT – car freshners, keyrings, usb car chargers, polishing cloths

MAILABLE ITEMS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING YOU CAN POST OUT – temporary tattoos, pens, rulers, notepads, mint cards and phone wallets.

REAL ESTATE – keyrings, pens, notepads, fridge magnet pads, notebooks,

REST HOMES – pill boxes,  magnifiers, teddy bears, nail files

SAFETY FOCUSED – torches, whistles, first aid kits

SPORTS & FITNESS –  pedometers, drink bottles, sweat bands, cooling towels, sports bags

SUMMER THEME –beach chairs, can coolers, sunglasses, sunscreens, lip balms, cooler bags

TRAVELLERS – travel kits, travel wallets, luggage tags, toiletry bags

WINTER – beanies, reusable coffee cups, scarfs and umbrellas

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