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2020’s Top 7 Must Have Promotional Products

By Sue Parkes on in The Latest Promotional Products

2020’s Top 7 Must Have Promotional Products

Marketing a product, brand or advertisement in 2020’s ever increasing and crowded marketplace means capturing your audience with unforgettable logo’s or strategic messaging, along with many other tools and tactics.

Displaying company’s logos or messaging on everyday products is one of the most popular and sure ways to connect with customers in a meaningful manner. Think re-usable coffee cups and tote-bags; two items that have gained massive popularity over the last decade, and are the perfect place to display a company’s logo or relay important information. Able Print and Promo are here to help connect ideas to individuals.

It’s a dog eat dog world and we’re all wearing bacon pants, so to get a head start on the competition we’ve listed 7 of the most popular advertising products available on the market, listed in no particular order. Able Print and Promo stocks all these items and more, so get in touch to get your message out there ASAP.

1. Drinkware – Glass Water Bottles

Selecting appropriate drinkware for branding has never been easier! We stock a huge selection of glass water bottle options to choose from when searching for the right bottle for your marketing and advertising needs. With recycling becoming the new normal, reusable glass water bottles are the way of the future. What better place to display your companies’ brand than on the bottle (or the smooth neoprene sleeve they come with!) your customer carries with them at all hours of the day – and these bottles also last for a long, long time. That’s a lot of advertising hours. Our glass water bottle range can be found here.

2. Drinkware – Reusable Coffee Cups

Coffee cups are the age-old advertising platform, and to this day reusable coffee cups are still a tried and true method for marketing campaigns, business advertising and slogans. As a nation of coffee connoisseurs, the re-usable coffee cup is the advertising platform that gets eyeballs all day long. Promotional coffee cups; gets your brands message across quicker than a triple shot flat white! Drink it up here.

3. Technology - Power banks

Staying up to date with all the latest technological trends is one sure way to guarantee the hot items have your brands advertising on them. Here at Able Print and Promo we’re always keeping track of the latest tech trends so you don’t have to. Branded Power banks are an item that have gained in massive popularity over the last few years. Customer reach is huge when advertising is matched with well purposed and handy, everyday devices such as branded power banks. The future of advertising is here - don’t get left behind the when it comes to tech trends! All advertising tech here>

4. Confectionary – Sour & Gummies

Dentists be damned! Sugar is the gateway drug to fruitful business relationships. Sweet treat ammunition at trade shows, or surprising customers with a delicious bag of your favourite candy treats slipped in with an online delivery. A small bag of sour or gummy confectionary is a great way to reward customers while giving out a bit of brand recognition, and with a full colour label your brand and generosity won’t go a miss. Treat yourself here.

5. Pens - Stylus

The Lancer Stylus Pen. The pen is the humble and respected advertising tool used for millennia. The Lancer Stylus Pen is the pen of the new generation. Put pen to paper at one end, and stylus to screen at the other – it’s the ultimate tool for the modern day consumer. What better place to advertise! With a wide range of colours to choose from and various branding options, the Lancer Stylus Pen is an eye catching piece of tech worthy of all your advertising needs. All this and more can be found here.

6. Key Rings

The humble key ring is so much more than you could ever imagine! Bottle openers, USB sticks, Tyre Pressure Gauges, Flexi Resin Key rings are just some of the weird, wonderful and varied options we have on hand at Able Print & Promo. Every team, business, restaurant, conglomerate and corner store should have a key ring advertising their business. Everyone’s keys are of great importance to them, having your logo or brand on your clients key ring keeps their memory fresh with your brands message or imagery. Click here to view all promotional key rings.

7. Bags – Tote

The tote bag was once resigned to the back of the cupboard, shunned by a single use plastic world. But the dawn of a new day is upon us, the masses have wised up to their polluting ways, and alas – the tote bag now reigns supreme. A tote bag with your company’s logo, brand or message is an excellent way to reach a large audience, tote bags can literally be used in all occasions. Big and bright imagery, or small and subtle advertising, the tote bag gets the message across in any way you see fit. To view our full range of tote bags (and other great bag options) follow this link.

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