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FOMO With Face Masks? Able Print & Promo Have LARGE Supplies That Are Ready To Brand With Bright Colours That Pop!

By Sue Parkes on in The Latest Promotional Products

FOMO With Face Masks? Able Print & Promo Have LARGE Supplies That Are Ready To Brand With Bright Colours That Pop!

Face masks are the new reality, and now the law! 2020 just keeps the twists coming. But where there’s advertising space, there’s opportunity - and the humble face mask has oodles of ad space and is proving to be one the most in demand products on planet earth, and for good reason, keeping each other safe should be a priority. 

With the majority of New Zealand in level two at the time of writing, with the greater Auckland region due to come out of level three sometime in the near future, we can expect everyone on public transport, and generally shopping about – to be wearing face masks while at level two. Though not mandatory in level one, the general consensus is that you can expect to find many people wearing face masks in public for the foreseeable future. 

As you’ve probably seen or heard, there is currently a booming trade in the face mask market but it’s been hampered with long wait times and limited supplies, with many companies left behind the 8 ball.  

Able Print & Promo not only offers a fast turnaround time (15 working days), we can offer full-colour subliminal branding with edge-to-edge prints – creating bright and impactful ad space with a facemask that keeps yourself and those around you safe while advertising at eye level.  

Click on this links below to see the face masks that we have available.

Reusable Face Mask Full Colour - Small

Reusable Face Mask Full Colour - Large

The mask’s base colour is white, has two sizing options, is easily washable by hand in warm water and comes with two layers of 140gsm polyester. Elastic ear loops (black or white) complete the mask, securing it in place to ensure a comfortable fit every time. 

Truly an opportunity not to be missed, the facemask is the unlikely hero of advertising and marketing in a Covid-19 world. The reach is massive, wearing a mask in public means getting your brand or logo instant recognition. The potential is endless and the demand is HUGE. We highly recommend larger orders so you don’t sell out too quickly. 

Able Print and Promo has seen a relentless amount of facemask orders over the last few months, but fear not - we still have a large supply of masks that are constantly being replenished; large orders are welcomed, as are all orders. 

Get in touch with Able Print and Promo to have your company, brand, logo or design printed onto our facemasks asap. 

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