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NZ710 - Christmas Caravan

NZ710 - Christmas Caravan
NZ710 - Christmas Caravan

New$0.00 + GST
Unbranded pricing. Branding available.


All cards are $1.85 ea + gst + Branding
Able Print & Promo is a proud sponsor of
the Starship Foundation.
The Starship Foundation is a charity
focussed on bringing better health and
brighter futures to all children by enabling
Starship, our national children’s hospital,
to deliver world-class healthcare.
Last year, there were more than
144,000 patient visits & appointments,
nearly 36,000 visits to the children’s
emergency department and 194 retrievals
of children from around the country by
the Starship National Air Ambulance.
In 2021, our donation contributed
towards projects that provide life-saving
care, equipment and support for children
and families who need it most.

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