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We are a New Zealand Family owned business. Able Print & Promo was born in 2003 from a passion our director felt about good old-fashioned customer service and the need to bring that service into the modern world we live in today by adding contemporary ideas.

There are 18 steps to supplying corporate gifts online from beginning to end and because our opposition would love to know how we roll we wont list them here but you, as a prospective customer, we would like to offer you an opportunity to experience the best business promotional products with a 100 per cent guarantee of customer satisfaction sublime to anything you have ever experienced before from a promotional products supplier unless of course it was us!

We are a supplier not a manufacturer

Because we are not a manufacturer of promotional merchandise but in fact a supplier of promotional gifts, we are not limited to specific corporate promotional items, which means you get a huge choice of business promotional products to choose from. there are just too many to put on our website, but we are just a phone call away and will talk your ideas through with you.

NZ Owned and Operated

We service all of New Zealand, so we have come up with positives to make it easy for you.

Our rock-solid guarantee

We are an online company so why trust us

Before the internet came into existence, most promotional product transactions occurred after a face-to-face meeting. the prospective customer would talk with a sales person or business owner to learn about the company and determine if they felt comfortable doing business with them. of course, that’s not the case today.

most of our promotional giveaways are sold over the web or over the phone without an in-person meeting, but occasionally the odd face to face happens like the time last june i had an urgent delivery so got in my car and drove 45 miles to get 8 boxes of branded products to the field days in time for opening. it was raining, it was night time and it was cold. when i got there my customer made me a hot cuppa. the best part of that experience was the smile on her face when she saw me drive in. that is not something you see online…. the smile.

face to face is not common anymore, we are all too busy but the occasional face to face with a customer brings a feeling of satisfaction to my gut that supersedes most feelings on any given day.

Sue Parkes is our director, our main stay, we call her the matriarch, Sue has been providing promotional giveaways since 2003. As the business grew Sue employed her family to help run the business and Sues philosophy in business are very clear, the fundamental principles, the moral obligations and of course the Golden Rule doesn’t change and the family work by this.
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Sue Parkes


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